Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Being Lazy

Although this characteristic is broad and touches all races, it seems as if the title of "being lazy" was given to Hispanics. The image that gave off the idea of Hispanics being lazy is the picture of a man leaning on a cactus, sleeping under his enormous sombrero. In my opinion, the image is somewhat amusing. If you were to walk down a neighborhood in Santa Ana, California , you would notice Hispanics sitting around their porch and talking to relatives. It looks as if they had not a care in the world and could sit there forever. An example of a lazy Hispanic would be the typical lazy uncle. He claims to have applied for 10 jobs, when really he was at home drinking and watching channel 34, Univision. Younger Hispanics start being lazy because their mothers "baby" them too much. As soon as they enter their teen years, they become lazy, especially in academics and chores. Lack of motivation in school leads to graduating high school on straight C's, which leads to living in a cramped home with 10 other relatives. Other Hispanics break out of this stereotype and make a better lives for themselves. Hispanics: Lazy or Laid-back?


It is said that Hispanics love food and eat a lot. You would think they would stick to eating burritos, tacos, and enchiladas, but there is much more than that, those are just the basics. If you were invited to a Hispanic’s home when their relatives arrive, the first thing you would notice is smell of home-cooked food when you get to the door. The smell lures you inside, once you go inside you see moms, aunts, grandmas, and any other female in the family cooking up a storm in the small, cramped kitchen. You look around and see pots everywhere; it was as if they were cooking for the whole town!! One thing you should know, if you’re with a Hispanic family or in a Hispanic family, you will never go hungry. The stove is never empty of simmering pots and their home always smells like food; there is always something to eat. Whenever you go over to a Hispanic relatives home, one of the first question they ask you is “Have you eaten yet?” or “Are you hungry?” because chances are they have something cooking on the stove. The good thing about Hispanics cooking food is the selection because you can pick different things or than just one meal. A few things you'll find on the dining table are tortillas, Tapatio hot sauce, and jalapenos. These are just a few condiments to spice up your Hispanic meal.

#1 Family Gatherings

Hispanics love to get together with family and have a “relaxing” afternoon. These family gatherings are usually planned at a certain time, but Hispanics always make sure they get there a few hours late. Theses gatherings can usually be found at the local park down the street or in a relative’s home with large groups of people. Believe it or not that large group of people is all related! One would think they were a group of different friends and their families! Duril related! One would think they were a group of different friends and their families! tell myths about nature and almost evng these family gatherings, the men are drinking Corona and making carne asada, the women are gossiping about family and the latest novelas and making side dishes, while the children are playing soccer. If you were to pass by this group, you are likely to hear bad music and loud people talking. Personally, I think the music is horrible and annoying, but they seem to like it, that includes my father. The loud music drowns out chatter about family in their home country and how to make good enchiladas. Overall these family gatherings are full of embarrassing things, but it shows that Hispanics always have time to get together with their relatives and have a good time. Family is important to Hispanics, even though everyone is very busy in today's society, Hispanics keep family first. Everyone has different feelings about family get togethers. They can be enjoyable and fun or you might be begging to go back home to your laptop!